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At Kinneston, our principal motive is to focus on the fitness and health of the horses in our care. We believe that for them to fulfill their potential they must be in the right zone mentally and physically, this is the way we ensure an owner will receive maximum reward for their investment and time.

We are fortunate to have the facilities to allow us to do this; they are a continual work in progress with us seeking to make improvements month by month. We believe that our exceptional facilities will maximize a horse’s fitness which combined with a quietly-efficient and relaxed yard will allow horses to thrive and be at ease.

In 2017 the facilities at Kinneston benefited from a major upgrade with the construction of two new all weather gallops; a five furlong carpet fibre gallop and a three furlong oval sand gallop.  These complement the existing three furlong cushiontrack hill gallop and the 80 acres of grass gallops which combined with two all weather schools and extensive hacking has created an exceptional private training facility.  This allows a bespoke training programme to be developed for each horse in training which combined with a quietly efficient and relaxed yard creates an ideal environment for horses thrive and feel at ease.

Schooling Line

Here we have a line of tyres, barrels and hurdles finishing with a small fence. This is helpful for getting the horses used to jumping a variety of obstacles and also for improving technique and concentration.

Schooling Hurdles

This is a line of four rubber schooling hurdles up an incline. Here the horses can school alone or upsides over something similar to what they will face on the racecourse. The hurdles are spaced relatively close together so the horses have to learn to think quickly and prepare for the next jump.

Schooling Fences

For horses preparing to run in steeplechases we have two easyfix schooling fences which are solid but inviting. We also have the option of placing blue barrels in front to encourage the horses to focus and make the correct shape over the jump. They are easily moved onto fresh ground when required throughout the season.

Deep Sand Gallop

This three furlong oval sand gallop was installed in 2017. With a surface of deep sand it is very good for conditioning without the need to go too fast, and is particularly useful for horses less suited by the hill gallop. It allows us to give the horses a real variety of work to improve different aspects of their fitness.

All Weather Arena

The arena has an all weather surface and is used every day for warming up the horses at walk, trot and canter, before they go to the gallops. It is also used for technical jumping over poles, barrels and Easyfix hurdles, or for horses in need of extra flatwork. In addition to this we have a round lunging ring with a carpet surface.

Sand Gallop from above

A different view of the deep sand gallop described above.

Cushion Track All Weather Gallop

Our original Cushion Track all weather gallop is a stiff three furlongs uphill. It starts with a gradual incline then flattens out at halfway, followed by a steep climb before levelling out to finish. This gallop is very good for improving fitness using interval training methods.

Carpita Fibre All Weather Gallop

This five furlong Carpita Fibre gallop was built alongside the sand in 2017. It is excellent in cold weather, never freezing, and the carpet surface is easy on the horses which keeps them fresh, as well as being a very good gallop for faster work.

  • In addition to the gallops Kinneston has 800 acres of farmland and forestry tracks, a wide variety of turnout facilities and extensive private summer grazing.

  • There are 37 individual boxes and three barns to accommodate pairs of horses.

  • Horses start to learn to jump in the two all weather schools prior to graduating to a line of four schooling hurdles or a line of half a dozen varied obstacles (tyres, barrels, poles and baby fences) and finally the Easyfix schooling fences.