//Weather, weather, weather…

Weather, weather, weather…

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Mild but dull, a damp sort of air and more rain in the forecast, after the driest April and May we had the wettest June and July and it has rained pretty well every day in August.  That’s been the story of the summer and its all everyone talks about but we’ve been lucky to be away in the sun for the last 10 days enjoying a special family holiday.

I’m delighted to be back feeling rested and enthused for the new season, Lucy came home early to ride at Perth and has gone back to France today for another few weeks whilst Clare has returned to Ralph Beckett’s in Hampshire, Kit moved on from France to Germany where he is touring around this week visiting Studs and Trainers and looking at lots of horses.  With the stables here pretty well full already Catch and the team have been doing a great job moving the horses forward and whilst only half a dozen are in full work most have started cantering.

Murky and autumnal back on the gallops yesterday morning

Most of the smaller projects here are now complete, the “big one” is making excellent progress despite the weather, can’t wait.  As I said I can’t seem to stop wanting to improve the details of what we do here and this year the “smaller” projects included; redesigning the ventilation in the feed room and one of the main barns, installing a concrete wash pad in another, topping up the surface in the round school, installing a completely new upgraded surface in the main school and building a new turning circle at the bottom of the gallop.  This is all vital detail but none of it is a “game-changer” – the “big one” potentially is.  One entry this week, Queen of Avalon at Cartmel on Saturday – she hurt herself in the closing stages at Perth last time so has missed a bit of work but if we are happy with her tomorrow she will run.

Queen of Avalon