A cold East wind, occasional drizzly showers, not very nice but could be worse and pleased to be amongst the horses who seem well, coats coming, they look hard and fit, could they have been a little fresher on a Monday?  Possibly, one or two very fresh, others just well into the routine, riders happy and at least no Monday morning carnage.


Ceilidh, Brian H, Kelly & moi

Was meant to be a quiet week but a rush of blood to the head lead me to declare Ceilidh at Wetherby tomorrow so on the road again, 11 run, ground is on the easy side of good, race is at 2.55, Lucy rides and she shouldn’t be far away if she can build on last month’s promising effort at Musselburgh.  “Ross” ran a big race to be 3rd in the Open p2p on Saturday, tough enough for a flat bred horse to have to hump 12st 5lb round for 3 miles, Clan Chief ran far too free at Newcastle, bit of a balls up, Standintheband had a satisfactory enough school round at Carlisle, could never have competed on those terms but he needed the experience over fences, he will hopefully be back out in a handicap next time.  Quiet week will resume after tomorrow I hope prior to what looks like being a busy Saturday at Kelso and Lanark.

Moi, Rossini's, Kit & Emma post race om Saturday

Moi, Rossini’s, Kit & Emma post race om Saturday