So a couple of weeks ago I wrote that “the land has never lain wetter” – well, it has now as after the briefest of frosty spells the rain returned with a vengeance, huge amounts of water lying on the roads when I returned from Edinburgh this morning and sadly Ayr is waterlogged forcing the abandonment of tomorrow’s fixture at which we would have been well represented.  Where next?  Newcastle looks certain to be off on Wednesday which leaves us looking at Sedgefield Friday, Wetherby Saturday and Kelso next Sunday – I find myself nervously studying the weather forecast re pending frosts later in the week, please not.

All the way from Pau - this fine looking 4yo is currently en route to Kinneston having been claimed in Pau on Wednesday

All the way from Pau – this fine looking 4yo is currently en route to Kinneston having been claimed in Pau on Wednesday

I was actually feeling quite pleased with myself at the end of this morning  –  despite having consumed about a fortnight’s rations of alcohol units in one evening and only having about 4 hours broken sleep I manged to write my weekly reports on 30 plus horses and send them to all the owners in about 90 minutes.  A Herculean achievement in the circumstances and my brain appeared to be functioning normally though I am sure some of the recipients may like to contest this.  The occasion was to assist Clare and her friends in belatedly celebrating her 21st birthday, an evening that did not pass without incident.  The worst part for me was locking myself out of my bedroom at 1.30am as I hung my breakfast order on the door handle, this necessitated a trip down to reception in an extremely crowded and raucous bar not “fully clad” as they say.  Most embarrassing but little did I know that simultaneously Mrs A had got herself in a pickle as she tried to come back in from the downstairs nightclub to the same raucous bar carrying her customary bottle of Veuve Cliquot with a few glasses.  She hadn’t appreciated that they were under different management and the bouncers of the bar were certainly not going to let her in with a “carry out” from the other establishment – oh dear, this meant she was left to finish it off standing in George St, I am still wondering if the police that visited the hotel as we checked out this morning may have been inquiring into this particular incident, we skedaddled quickly just in case.  By the way, I can endorse the Chief Medical Officers recommendation that two weeks rations in one sitting is most definitely not a good idea, and no Mrs A was not on her own, she had fallen into dubious company… just as well they don’t let us out very often.