A quiet weekend and a chance to regroup, make plans and email the handicapper!  Shocking weather in England which threatens to wreak havoc with this week’s fixtures but it seems churlish to bemoan the abandonment of a few fixtures when so many are suffering genuine hardship.  For once Scotland has escaped the worst of it but it is likely that the weather will play an increasing part in determining what we can run where over the next two months, at this stage a trainer needs to maximize options by being well entered up and then hope the owners take a sympathetic view when they see their Weatherby’s statements.

Wetherby racecourse this morning, funnily enough Wednesday’s fixture has been abandoned, next week must be doubtful as well looking at this, I hope the BHA can be responsive by considering replacement fixtures now when they are needed rather than in six weeks time….

Schooling this morning, harder work for the horses tomorrow and then hopefully back on the racecourse on Friday at Musselburgh.  Delighted to hear that “JP” has become an owner with our neighbour Lucinda via the purchase of Tap Night, a great credit to her and the Arlary team but also a significant boost to the credibility of Scottish Racing in general (and training horses in Kinrosshire!).