…  it could get any better, but the great summer of sport just did with Andy Murray securing his first Grand Slam title in the grittiest way imaginable.  Many doubted he had the mettle to win at the highest level but last night he came of age, I am afraid I could only manage the first set but that extraordinary 27 minute tie break was enough and will rest in my memory, the Today programe then broke the good news at 6am, well done Andy!!!!!!!!!  Earlier in the evening we were treated to the London 2012 celebratory parade, Boris yet again stole Dave’s thunder and hasn’t Seb Coe delivered some spectacular and profound speeches to complement the success of the games themselves, Tory politics is about to become a little more interesting I feel.

Papamoa (Jen) and Four Fiddlers (Emma) exert themselves in their quest for fitness

So where to next?  Doncaster on Saturday of course,  another treat in store we hope, the Ballydoyle press day yesterday has certainly fired up the media as Camelot bids for equine immortality.  Hmm, all a bit tame here by comparison  but I do find myself inspired by what is going on; the recognition of the ability of sport to transcend life on such a wide scale silences the demons that make me wonder why I devote so much time and energy to the great triviality of trying to make a horse run a little bit faster round a field.

and Rossini’s Dancer has a good itch after his work