oh dear, yesterday’s blog didn’t go down very well indoors, a bit pushy, now described as the “vomblog” or “dadchunder” – I have to say self-promotion doesn’t sit very comfortably, I know how easy it is for this game to bring you down to earth, probably back to 5 winners this season and a 3% strike rate, hope not, I just wanted one or two people to start taking us a little more seriously.  Anyway, I use the word “us” deliberately, I was interested that one of the the country’s most successful trainers Richard Fahey said in the RP last week that he wished his yard could train under a company name rather than the emphasis always be on “Fahey” – this is how it works in the USA and I have long advocated that it would be a much better reflection of the teamwork involved in this country as well, hence our branding very much leads with  “Kinneston” rather than Nick Alexander.Kinneston-4439Several (well, two) marketing consultants have tried hard to persuade me to re-brand under the latter, they say racing is about individuals and the culture revolves around them, customers want to identify with people they see as personalities within the sport, they want to have a horse “with Nicky Henderson” rather than “with Seven Barrows” – there may be truth in what they say but I am definitely sticking with “Kinneston” – I think it is a much better reflection of the teamwork involved and I am sure many other trainers would agree.  Most obviously the staff here, but also the owners are a hugely important part of that team as are the jockeys,vets, farriers, physios and everyone else that help in a myriad of ways whether it be in the office, marketing, making the hay etc – I hope that they all see themselves as integral to the success of Kinneston and will take a pride in that association, much more likely to do that than with “Nick Alexander” – what does he know anyway? …. oh no, I’ve done it again, it’s turned into another “vomblog” – thick skin required!

Humid conditions today and lots of rain around I think, quieter day for the horses today, bit of jumping and plenty of walking and trotting.  Wonderful evening at Muirfield yesterday, came up the 18th at 7.45pm, not a soul in sight, all the stands still in place, the leader board still there telling the tale of the drama that had unfolded only 72 hours before; back in the office this morning there appear to be rather a lot of feathers everywhere – I cannot work out where from but I find myself a little unsettled….