Well, not for me, but a good win for Lucy yesterday on Bright Abbey followed by a heavy fall when Stand Clear was brought down later in the afternoon, carnage at the first again at Sedgefield – why does this course have so many more of these types of incidents than anywhere else?  She’s OK but a little bruised.  And the other winner, appropriately Tom Cochrane wins the “Cornelius Caption Competition,” the prize – lunch with Cornelius at a racecourse of his choice… (where, I wonder, standards vary, could be lobster at Ascot or pie and mushy peas at Catterick – I know which my money will be on, mind you, when Cornelius sees the caption he might not want to have lunch with Tom at all!).  Sorry, I digress, rain here now so a little chance of some runners this weekend,  Friday’s potentials worked yesterday and had a quiet day today, Sunday’s and the rest all worked today, very happy with them and they mostly look quite fit so no doubt much time will be spent studying endless weather forecasts – welcome to the NH Season proper….

Northern Acres look round with concern at Cornelius eplaining to Blair that he is taking out an amateur riders licence"

“Northern Acres look round with concern as Cornelius explains to Blair that he is taking out an amateur riders licence”