Training Fees

Full training, per day. £39.50
Pre-training and breaking, per day. £30.00
“Out of training” livery and grazing, per day. £7.50
Farriery when in training, per month. £60.00
Farriery out of training, per month. £10.00
Transport to races, fixed fee plus staff overtime expenses shared between runners. £135.00
All gallop fees, minerals & supplements. Included
All wormers, veterinary charges, dentist, osteopath, physio etc.  At cost
Insurance can be arranged as required.  At cost
All inclusive rate to include training, farrier, vet (routine, vacs, wormers, lameness etc), physio, dentist, transport to races. £1,395



Training Fees 2016/17 Season

Whilst these fees have had to be increased slightly since last season they remain extremely competitive in relation to our peers and we hope that our relatively high staffing level and “3 lots per day” routine allow us to give the horses the right level of care and attention.