… are the only words for it, after record March temperatures of 21 degrees last week three inches of snow and a blizzard raging as I write, “all-weather” for 17 this morning and the rest on the walker, not exactly hacking weather, the worst morning of the “winter” so far. Harrowing school, towing out stranded cars, power out, office freezing, light log-burner, chimney blocked with snow, office fills with smoke, power back on, smoke alarm won’t shut up……..

Inspection time

An unproductive day at Kelso yesterday with Little Glenshee withdrawn due to the lack of precipitation and Amulree badly hampered and brought down in a 4 horse incident at the first caused by the erratic behaviour of the increasingly appropriately named Risk Assessment. It was a frightening moment as the horse effectively had her legs swept away from underneath her in mid air at 30mph causing her to fall heavily and somersault on landing,  Frustrating but that’s racing and all returned home in one piece so that’s always the main thing. An amusing little vignette of photographs summarising the day taken by Frank Cornfield
I greatly enjoyed Marcus Armitage’s article in today’s Daily Telegraph , made me chuckle, meanwhile today Lucy is at Sedgefield where she rides Formulation in the 2.30, Kealigolane in the 4.00 and Fred Bojangles in the 4.30.

Bare in places…..

In hot pursuit…
Amulree… in one piece, another chapter written…