Rough weather today again, gales, blustery showers of snow and rain.  Good morning though with a few of the horses working on my favourite horseshoe gallop; Buffalo Ballet, Isla Pearl Fisher, Papamoa, Here’s to Harry, Tipsy Dara (first time), Flaming Thistle (likewise), Isla Patriot all appearing to relish the good to soft ground – they just love it down there after working away on the all-weather and so do I, happy horse = happy trainer.  More tomorrow if the weather permits, it’s about 3 weeks since we’ve been down there and at this time of year we have to grab every chance we have. Spectacular unseat from Lucy at the first today at Catterick on “I Got Music,” Mr & Mrs A glued to the telly to see if we could see her walk away, most relieved when presenter reports her to be laughing and smiling with trainer – I don’t think these TV people realise how much some people hang on to their every word in situations like that, followed up with a good second on Storm Surge, long drive home.    

Taking the plunge and ditching the tiresome aol email service and moving to am migrating historic data across, unfortunately this is leading to the best part of a year’s worth of saved email being transferred as unread into my inbox in outlook, currently says 6604 unread emails and they are still going, interspersed with today’s intake, help, what on earth am I going to do – need to postpone my Xmas shopping (again!)….