Mixed weather last week, sometimes very warm, sometimes very wet – good growing weather I guess, haylage made, hay about to be cut, 33 horses in now and will be riding 24 tomorrow.  They all have at least two weeks on the walker before being ridden which means we can step up their work quickly when they come in and they are soon doing a good 7 or 8 miles round the farm walking and trotting.


A fun time with lots of visitors but only two horses in full work, Isla Pearl Fisher and Andhaar, both of whom are entered up to run at Perth this week and will run so long as the ground doesn’t end up soft.


New recruit Dance of Fire is enjoying a short break after a busy flat season

A wonderful summer of sport to distract us from all the other awful things that are going on thank goodness but I can’t help feeling that the flat season is lacking a little lustre.  It is struggling for stars with many of the last couple of season’s best 3yo’s having been retired, and the increasing emphasis on the big international races in the autumn has left the big summer Group Ones looking a little limp (The Eclipse, yesterday’s King George and let’s face it are you that excited by this week’s Sussex Stakes?).


A win for the Queen yesterday would have lit the sport up but that big race is a shadow of it’s former self despite the colossal prize money – I bet the same field would have turned up for £500k as are raced yesterday for £1.2m, the racing press seems more interested in the big jumps races at next week’s Galway Festival – jump racing seems to provide a stronger narrative than flat racing and hence is basically more popular with the public, problem is we race for a fraction of the prize money yet the vast majority of yesterday’s excellent money will end up in the hands of those that won’t even notice it.


That’s life I suppose, Lucy is off to Uttoxeter today to ride Civil Unrest in the 3pm, and thanks to Frank for some pics this week to brighten up the blog, they give a good flavour of summer life at Kinneston.

New recruit Dance of Fire is enjoying a break after a busy flat season

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