A bit blowy this morning, luckily most of the horses worked yesterday so first lot on the walker and then a stoical performance from the team to ride out 2nd and 3rd lot, even managing to school all the horses on the list ahead of what will hopefully be a busy weekend.  Trainer and Mrs A had spent last night in Edinburgh and found themselves “trapped” there this morning, luckily the weather abated and we were home by mid-day.  Many people have remarked to me on the promising run from Spinning Away in the bumper last week at Wetherby; I agreed but admitted to being a little puzzled by the way she weakened in the last furlong.  A scan this afternoon revealed a fractured pelvis which Lucy and I are certain occurred around the wings of the last hurdle, sensing all wasn’t right Lucy eased her from that point, to end up only being beaten 13l by the winner in those circumstances more than justifies the high regard in which I hold her; God willing she should be absolutely fine in a few months and we are lucky to have such a brave mare in the fist place as well as an intelligent stable jockey that  realised something was amiss along with top class support in the form of the team here, our physio Irene and vet Pete – without all of those there could easily have been a much worse outcome.

Spinning Away - will hopefully be back in the spring

Spinning Away – will hopefully be back in the spring

Busy weekend ahead and a complex declaration deadline tomorrow morning, will be much more relaxed after 10am….