Another glorious spring day and an important morning here with 17 horses that have imminent engagements doing their last proper piece of work, all going well so far!   No runners at Ayr today, ground a bit quick for the bumper horses and we missed the cut for the SGN, it looks like an excellent day’s racing but I will be watching from afar as plenty to catch up with here this weekend with another busy week looming.  And it was an excellent day’s racing there yesterday with “the North” doing well by winning 5 or the 7 races 4 of the races despite a strong Southern challenge(well, that’s if you include a 4 horse trainer from Northern Ireland), it’s not that I am partisan, just bored being told the North can’t compete when it can compete very well indeed.


Our runners unfortunately weren’t amongst those winners, Buffalo was a little disappointing but whilst he stayed he wasn’t quite himself after the race, lost a lot of weight and with hindsight I think the step up straight from 2m to 3m wasn’t ideal.  LG needs soft ground and never looked happy so Lucy wisely pulled her up after a circuit, I will see if there is anything left for her and have a good look at the long range forecast but more than likely she will now have her summer break, Lucy is back to Ayr today to ride Ueueteotl in the 4.25 and Sky Full of Stars in the 5.30, no runners for us tomorrow at Corbridge but Kit heads down to Co Durham to ride at Mordon. Sorry, with Perth looming one final plug (for now!) for the two horses for sale with entries this week – see them here.20140912-F14_1494_original