Well, a long week draws to a close on a highly satisfactory note – all horses and riders  appear to have survived in tact and an excellent afternoon’s racing from Cheltenham to remind us what it is all about


Isla Pearl Fisher (Holly) and Little Glenshee (Liam)


Rossini’s Dancer (Amy) and Tipsy Dara (Charlotte)


Jet Master (Toni)

Yesterday evening six inches of snow fell in about two hours, this was landing on top of the seven or eight inches we already had leading to deep powder to canter the horses in today.  It hasn’t been an easy week trying to work around the weather but all the horses  cantered every day bar Wednesday and whilst we have had many more “loose ones” than normal all is well tonight (about the biggest drama has been a couple of them coming in to the garden at high speed causing great consternation in the kitchen, seperate incidents but coincidentally in the same ownership…) .

Milano Magic (Dan) and Goldtrek (Fran)

Milano Magic (Dan) and Goldtrek (Fran)


Capital Venture (Blair)

There are benefits, the deep snow is good for their legs and they have all now had a complete break from the all-weather for a week, the thaw is well underway and I hope we will be back on the gallop early next week.  A few pictures from an Alpine morning at Kinneston today P1040387