Steady rain this morning, rejoice, badly needed on many fronts and a much more unsettled forecast.  A cracking run from Landecker at Hexham on Saturday, went clear after the last and then just collared on the line, becoming a victim of his own consistency but delighted with him.

Landecker (Danni) pictured here last week by the Racing School’s mobile training unit.

Left Back on the other hand was far too keen and consequently had nothing left to come up the Hexham hill, he jumped better but he will never achieve anything if he doesn’t learn to settle, we will work on this.  A fascinating few days in France last week; plenty of horses for sale of course but intriguing to observe their system close up – how their methods produce such precocious horses, their training centres, and how their whole structure benefits from a PMU system that facilitates so much better returns for Horsemen; there is a trickle down effect that supports an important rural industry.

The training centre at Senonnes in North West France.

Here of course The Horsemen have long been expected to subsidise the businesses of bookmakers and racecourses in the name of their sport, the French simply wouldn’t put up with it.  But then Auteuil on Friday, a EU500k card with a crowd of only a few hundred, zero atmosphere outside the Owners & Trainers Area and not a lot there either, so it becomes all about the money…. what they would give for a Kelso crowd, perhaps the BHA can steer us towards the best of both worlds, one can but dream.   Of course observing different ways of rearing and training horses rightly makes me question much of the way we do it, there are obvious benefits to asking horses to do so much so young but they come at the expense of longevity; I become thoroughly immersed in the detail in these circumstances and am always learning-  the surfaces, the training aids, the people and at Auteuil how they manage overheating horses, so much more efficient and effective than the panic struck hurling of buckets that goes on here.

A few of the Kinneston team enjoying their summer holidays

So, 22 horses being ridden this week 14 of which are entered at Perth, a record for us I think at this May meeting so hopefully we will have plenty of runners, suspect we will be much quieter after that as heaps to do here and plenty of sales to attend, no rest for the wicked!