Committing a horse to the care of a trainer requires a major investment of trust and expenditure by an owner. For us, the partnership between owner and trainer is vital, aligning each other’s ambitions for a horse. From the outset of our relationships, we believe in establishing with owners precise aims for the horse, and then to work hard together to achieve them.
Owning a race horse is an exciting and rewarding experience. There are many ways in which you can be involved with the ownership of horses. Whether you are looking for sole ownership, or a share in a horse via a partnership or syndicate there are a range of ownership options available to you as follows.

Ownership Options

You will be the owner of the horse and will register as an owner at Wetherbys. Nick will be in direct contact with you regarding all aspects of the horses’ care and running plans. You will receive the full owners’ net prize money, trophies and any profits will be yours alone.

You will also be responsible for all costs associated with the horse. We encourage our owners to get involved in every step of the way of owing a race horse, from regular correspondence detailing progress and vital information to monthly training reports. Building a strong working relationship between the trainer and owners is important and adds to the experience

This is a great way to get involved in first time racehorse ownership. Up to 20 people can form a Racing Partnership. It is a very popular way for a group of friends to get involved and only two partners need to become registered owners with Wetherbys.

When you join a partnership, you will be responsible for paying your share of the racehorse. For example if there are ten people in a partnership then you will be responsible for paying ten percent. The same percentage applies to distribution of any prize money.

Another option is to form a Joint Ownership of up to 12 people, all of whom must be registered owners. Separate registration is required for each horse within a joint ownership and the on going costs are higher than a Racing Partnership.
Kinneston Racing Syndicates has been established to provide members with greater access to and enjoyment of horse racing. Our aim is to encourage more people to get involved and enjoy the experience of ownership. The syndicates are limited to a maximum of 10 shares and are registered with the British Horseracing Authority.

Members receive full ownership rights. All the administration of the syndicate is carried out by our syndicate manager providing hassle free racehorse ownership. As a syndicate member you receive regular updates on the horses’ development, running plans, stable visits and share of prize money. Members also have the opportunity to attend race meetings as owners and access to the private owners blog posts on the website.

If you do not want to pay the full cost of purchasing a horse, you can lease a horse from an existing owner or breeder. Lease terms are agreed in writing and the horse will run in your name and you will pay all training fees, expenses and entry fees. You will also receive an agreed percentage of any prize money won.

The term of a lease can be for just one race or a season. Leasing a horse for just one race can provide an excellent gift for a special celebration or anniversary. Companies can lease a horse to add to the enjoyment of entertaining clients during a day out at the races.