Annual rainfall records are being broken and we sit here with a couple of hundred acres of valuable grain to combine with no sign of the weather giving us the chance;  all over Scotland there are huge tracts of land heavy with cereals, the absence of sun has made them slow to ripen and people are starting to become a little bit edgy.  Too much time is being spent looking at the weather forecast, tomorrow is to be stormy and wet and whilst we should get a couple of decent days mid-week it is due to turn wet again next weekend, ten days of good weather would sort it for most people, let’s hope, in the mean time we wait for the contractors…..
Horses in good order though and the upside is there should be some nice ground about when we start racing, our most forward horses are probably 3 weeks off a run but we will no doubt be tempted to make a few entries at Perth in 10 days time.  Chapel at Johnny’s school today, they’ve only been back a week but there are an alarming number of boys on crutches and with arms in slings….. good old rugby!