Early feed for some this morning as Lucy taking Academy out sharp prior to heading to Sedgie, alarmingly dark!  Mild still, house v quiet now, Kit back at Durham (80% Chinese on the post-grad finance course he is starting), Clare & Johnny in Edinburgh, Mrs A gone fishing.  Always used to love heading to the hills this week each year after Perth;  I miss the hills and the rivers of Strathconon and Glen Etive, above all I miss the conviviality, maybe one day again but for now very happy ploughing this particular furrow, every day an adventure (or preferably not!).  And Lucy off as well for a couple of days so the lunatic really is being left in charge of the asylum, but they’re not taking any risks – Lucy has left me a detailed list to ensure that the all livestock are properly cared for – the dog, the cats, the chickens and…… the gerbils.  I’m not frightened of many animals but I’m really a bit nervous of those rodenty little creatures.  So, no time to relax and just as well I have a top team to look after the few dozen horses outside…. anyway, listening to the news early doors I thanked the Lord that I am not President Obama, as if he hasn’t got enough to think about without having to deal with this mess, I often worry about how stressful a life our national leaders must have and rarely a moments privacy but it has some upside, the private jet Mr Blair has use of looked rather nice, the former Member for Sedgefield of course.  Big week on the IT front, we are ditching our server and heading for the cloud, I am holding on tight but if I lose you thanks for reading and enjoy the cyberpeace….