Newcastle, well, maybe.  There is something slightly eerie about sitting at my desk at 6.30am planning the logistics of two lorries and five horses travelling to a race meeting that will probably be off, also planning transport and  staff for two further fixtures over the weekend that might well suffer the same fate.  The only thing one can do is plough on in the assumption that it might happen and today we even got as far as saddling two of the runners, immaculate they both looked, and then the slightly inevitable call that racing is abandoned.  It was so inevitable that I didn’t really feel deflated, more bemused, I sit firmly in the camp that racing should be given every chance of going ahead, if people have traveled their horses from as far afield as Ireland it is the least we owe them, I am amazed how grumpy some people seem to get about it, even those that haven’t traveled far, at the end of the day nature intervened, yes its cost us time and money but worse things happen and  everyone is just doing their best to get racing on and they only needed the temperature to have risen another 2 degrees to have managed, plain bad luck, in my view make an early call if it is obvious but if there is a chance give it every chance.  What we could do is a more flexible and responsive system in place to rearrange fixtures as they can do in Ireland, it is vital that the owners paying training fees have the opportunities to run horses and when there are blank days in the Northern fixture list coming up fixtures like today’s should be quickly rescheduled to fill them, the present system appears overly cumbersome and stifles flexibility.

Bertie Milan in the late summer

Perhaps I will be less sanguine about it if I have another wasted day at Newcastle tomorrow, we hope to run Bertie Milan in the 1.45 and Here’s to Harry in the 2.50, Lucy rides both, 10 and 16 run respectively and the ground might be rather gluey, I think we will need a drop of rain (snow?) to loosen things up to let Bertie take his chance, he should go well if he does run.  Here’s to Harry is making his hurdling debut so clear round number one priority, better go and harrow the gallops…….

Here’s to Harry