It’s a sure sign that racing has reached the centre of the national psyche when my ex accountant rings up for a tip for the big race, you would have thought that 20 years of doing my tax return would have made him realise that there are fews pots of gold for those professionally involved with the racing industry, or perhaps he imagines all my winnings are in cash, stuffed under the mattress, well away from the beady eyes of the taxman, I wish…  Speaking of the taxman I can’t resist commenting on how disappointed I am with the increasingly supine Cameron and Osborne, how can they possibly believe that it is right that all holders of senior public office should have to reveal their tax returns to the public, it will simply make public office even more unacttractive for any sensible person, nobody will be interested of course, it is just the press that want something to write about to keep people buying newspapers, it seems to me that Cameron and Osborne will do anything that they imagine will keep the press on their side…….


Apologies, back to racing, great day at Aintree and a wonderful, wonderful follow-up for Malcolm Jefferson with Attagalnce, a splendid double for Lucy at Sedgefield yesterday inculding the easiest 40-1 winner I have ever seen in my life, won by a distance, most bizarre; today she rides Kealigolane in an ultra-competitive handicap after the Grand National at 5.05, tomorrow to Market Rasen for 3 rides.  Busy here this morning, horses working on the all-weather, the grass and four over to Lucinda’s woodchip – Four Fiddlers, Commercial Express, The Paddy Premium and Academy, all seemed well……….. oh, and the Grand National, well, “Trendy Wendy” our Saturday workrider and computer tipster picks Synchronised, a great chance, I won’t have a bet because I am so keen for one particular jockey to win it but I suggested Junior to my accountant…….