Kinneston Racing Syndicates provides members with greater access to and enjoyment of horse racing. Our aim is to encourage more people to get involved and enjoy the experience of ownership. Syndicates are registered with the British Horseracing Authority and members receive full ownership rights as under the Racing Partnership.
Our syndicate manager administers The Racing Partnership providing hassle free racehorse ownership. Syndicate members receive updates about the horses’ development and running plans. Members also have the opportunity to attend race meetings as owners and visit the stables to see the horses working.

Free Lease Syndicate

A Free Lease syndicate is the ideal way to get involved in racehorse ownership for the first time. Being a member involves the leasing of an interest, but does not involve ownership of a racehorse. Members experience the fun and excitement of ownership for a fixed term and a share of the prize money.

Share Purchase Syndicate

In a Share Purchase syndicate you are involved with the horse for as long as it races in the syndicate colours. Initially you purchase a percentage share at a cost based on the value of the horse. You receive ownership rights and a proportionate share of the prize money and sale proceeds.

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How it works

Kinneston Racing Syndicates offers shares in horses under the British Horseracing Authority rules for Racing Partnerships. The rules governing BHA Racing Partnerships limit the number of people in a syndicate to twenty. Our syndicates are limited to ten members, for a specific horse for a period of up to two years.

The syndicates can be either on a purchase or a free lease basis. With the free lease syndicates members are involved with the horse for a specific time period and do not have any rights to the ownership of the horse. Members benefit from a share of prize money won during the course of the lease agreement.

In a purchase syndicate each member owns a percentage share in the horse and their rights are covered by the following.

Each shareowner enters into an agreement with KRS to share the ownership and costs, fixed at the outset and for the duration of the syndicate. This covers fees for all routine costs involved in training and running the horse, entry fees, jockey, fees and transport. Prize money and the proceeds from the sale of the horse are lodged in the Kinneston Racing bank account at Weatherbys Bank. The syndicate will be dissolved following the sale of the horse at a recognised Horses in Training sale at Doncaster or Newmarket or by private arrangement subject to the agreement of a majority of syndicate members.

Once the horse is sold, the syndicate will be wound up and a final statement of account will be prepared. Any surplus of income over expenditure is distributed to the shareowners. In the unlikely event of a deficit, the cost will be borne by Kinneston Racing Syndicates.

We strive to keep the entire ownership experience simple, clear and enjoyable for all participating owners.