So, April now, I think we can safely say then that we have had as benign a winter weather-wise that I can remember, the all-weather has lived up to its name and has been in use every day, hardly any frost or snow, missed the worst of the rain that inflicted so much damage in the South, life is easier this way.  A hack for those that worked hard yesterday but plenty working today including some on the grass which is in great shape, Clan Chief, Clan Legend, Allforthelove, Bracing and Noir et Vert all going nicely.  To my surprise some have said it would be better if my blog was updated daily rather than sporadically as at present, I would have though annually would have suited most people more but here we go, will try daily updates for a while now, will no doubt mean I have to veer off the core subject of what is going on with the horses, apologies in advance – do let me know if I am being boringF13_0091