Horses in Training

Allthekingshorses (IRE)

2006 Bay Gelding by King's Theatre (IRE) ex Penny Brae (IRE) (Montelimar (USA)) Owner: Jamie Alexander


2006 Bay Gelding By Bahri Ex Deraasaat (Nashwan) Owner: Bissett Racing

Another Mattie (IRE)

2007 Bay Gelding by Zagreb (USA) ex Silver Tassie (FR) (Kaldounevees (FR)) Owner: Quandt and Cochrane

Bertalus (IRE)

2009 Bay Gelding by City Honours (USA) ex Deep Dalus (IRE) (Mandalus) Owner: Lord Cochrane and Partners

Benny’s Secret (IRE)

2010 Bay Gelding by Beneficial (IRE) ex Greenhall Rambler (Anshan) Owner: Brian Castle

Bertie Milan (IRE)

2005 Bay Gelding By Milan ex Miss Bertaine (IRE) (Denel (FR)) Owner: Turcan Barbour Douglas Miller Dunning

Buffalo Ballet

2006 Bay Gelding By Kayf Tara ex Minora (Cataldi) Owner: HW Turcan E McGregor Sir S Dunning

Craiganboy (IRE)

2009 Bay Gelding by Zagreb (USA) ex Barnish River (IRE) (Riverhead (USA)) Owner: C Lysaght Media, Quandt & Cochrane

Calivigny (IRE)

2009 Bay Gelding by Gold Well ex Summer Holiday (IRE) (Kambalda) Owner: Angus Hodge & Susan Dudgeon

Christmas in USA (FR)

2012 Bay Gelding by Shaanmer (IRE) ex Diamond of Diana (FR) (Darshaan) Owner: Bowen and Nicol

Clan Chief

2009 Chesnut Gelding by Generous ex Harrietfield (Nicholas Bill) Owner: Clan Gathering

Clan Legend

2010 Chesnut Gelding By Midnight Legend ex Harrietfield (Nicholas Bill) Owner Clan Gathering

Dance Of Fire

2012 Bay Gelding by Norse Dancer (IRE) ex Strictly Dancing (IRE) (Danehill Dancer (IRE)) Owner: Turcan D-Miller Stewart Burnham Dunning

Dutch Canyon (IRE)

2010 Brown Gelding By Craigsteel ex Chitabe (IRE) (Lord of Appeal) Owner: E Barlow, R Cundall & W Kennedy

Fig’s Pride

2013 Bay Filly by Stowaway ex Roseboreen (IRE) (Roselier (FR)) Owner: Claire Harper-Gow

Final Reminder (IRE)

2012 Bay Filly by Gold Well ex Olde Kilcormac (IRE) (Supreme Leader)

Gold Opera (IRE)

2009 Bay Gelding by Gold Well ex Flute Opera (IRE) (Sharifabad (IRE)) Owner: Macdonalds, Cardwell, Castle & Davies

Jet Master (IRE)

2006 Bay Gelding by Brian Boru ex Whats the Reason (Strong Gale) Owner: Mr HW Turcan and Sir Simon Dunning

Jolie Crickette (FR)

2012 Bay Filly by Laverock (IRE) ex Crickette River (FR) (Cricket Ball (USA) Owner: Mrs Jacqueline Morris

Just Brooke

2010 Chesnut filly, by Black Sam Bellamy ex Sports Express (Then Again) Owner: Bissett Racing

Lady Oatcake

2013 Bay Filly by Kalanisi (IRE) ex Westgrove Berry (IRE) (Presenting) Owner: Ken McGarrity

Landecker (IRE)

2008 Brown Gelding by CraigsteelL ex Winsome Breeze (Glacial Storm) Owner: Mrs N Hodge

Lake View Lad (IRE)

2011 Grey gelding by Oscar (IRE) ex Missy O'Brien (IRE) (Supreme Leader) Owner: Alistair Cochrane

Left Back (IRE)

2012 Bay Gelding by Oscar (IRE) ex Baldrica (FR) (Lost World (IRE)) Owner: Clan Gathering

Marlee Massie (IRE)

2009 Bay Gelding by Dr Massini (IRE) ex Meadstown Miss (IRE) (Flemensfirth (USA) Owner : Ken McGarrity

McGinty’s Dream (IRE)

2011 Bay Gelding by Flemensfirth (USA) ex Laboc (Rymer) Owner: Brian Castle

Off The Hook (IRE)

2012 Bay Mare by Getaway (GER) ex Call Her Again (IRE) (Old Vic) Owner: Hugh Hodge Ltd

Presenting Rose (IRE)

2010 Bay Mare By Presenting ex Berkeley House (IRE) (Beneficial) Owner: Alistair Cochrane

Queen of Avalon (IRE)

2011 Bay Mare by Westerner ex Courtain (USA) (Diesis) Owner: The Nags to Riches Partnership

Road To Gold (IRE)

2009 Bay Gelding by Gold Well ex Haute De Gamme (IRE) (Carmelite House (USA) ) Owner: Mrs J. Douglas Miller.

Rossini’s Dancer

2005 Bay Gelding by Rossini ex Bint Alhabib (Nashwan) Owner: Turcan Barber Fletcher Dunning

Royal Chatelier (FR)

2005 Bay Gelding by Video Rock (FR) ex Attualita (FR) (Master Thatch) Owner: Mr Jamie Alexander

The Bishop (IRE)

2008 Bay Gelding by Winged Love (IRE) ex Charlie's Mary (IRE) (Daar Alzamaan (IRE) ) Owner: Turcan Barber Fletcher Dunning

The Orange Rogue (IRE)

2007 Brown Gelding by Alderbrook ex Classic Enough (Classic Cliche (IRE)) Owner: Sarah Irwin

Titian Boy (IRE)

2009 Chesnut Gelding by Spadoun (FR) ex Leodotcom (IRE) (Safety Catch (USA)) Owner: Hardie and Robb

Top Cat Henry (IRE)

2008 Bay Gelding by Dr Massini (IRE) ex Bells Chance (IRE) (Needle Gun (IRE)) Owner: Alexander Family

Wicklow Lad


2004 Grey Gelding by Silver Patriarch ex Marina Bird (Julio Mariner) Owner: Alexander Family

Un-named Bay Filly 2013

Bay Filly 2013 by Mountain High (IRE) ex Minoras Return (IRE) (Bob's Return (IRE))

Un-named Bay Filly 2013

Bay Filly 2013 by Ask ex Minora (Cataldi) Owner: FOR SALE