Tomorrow we run Makhzoon in the 2.55 at Hexham, 8 run, Kit rides and the ground is good to firm with rain forecast, he looks well in at the weights and Kit’s 7lb claim will also help but he will need plenty of rain to be effective. This winter Kit will be very much mixing his post grad course at Durham with riding as an amateur and helping out here, he came back last night and reported that apart from the high percentage of Chnese on his Finance course on the adjacent Management Post-Grad course 180 of the 205 students are Chinese, interesting.   Anyway, keen as I am to get going our other entries tomorrow will wait, delighted to read that the BHA is giving the North some extra fixtures in September and October this year, it will be very helpful and good to see them respond proactively to ideas from trainers.


Makhzoon last week at Perth with Lucy