Cold again, snow showers, frosty.  A profoundly rewarding winner for Crawford at the Berwickshire point-to-point on Left Back, this horse hasn’t been straightforward but Crawford has ridden him most days at home over the past few months and to see them gel together and make all with an exhilarating round of jumping was brilliant – well done and more to come from horse and rider.

Skipping over the Open Ditch

Conditions were pretty well unraceable at Ayr yesterday with waterlogging, snow on the track and blizzards but despite that Bertalus put up a much more encouraging display to finish 5th.  The course was completely trashed in the process of course and with more rain and snow due tomorrow’s fixture has inevitably been abandoned.

Coming back in with Amy and Debbie – almost forgot to mention, there are 2 1/6th shares available in this promising horse at an astonishingly reasonable price! 

We had six declared runners who all had good chances, three of them had been very specifically prepared for this meeting and my ability to remain stoical in these circumstances is being tested to the limit.  That is 14 of our core fixtures that have been abandoned over the last 8 weeks, aside from the demoralising affect on the team who are working so hard I can’t bear to think how many winners we have missed and the consequent impact on returns to owners let alone our jockeys’ earnings and staff percentage money.  Still, this is horseracing and we must maintain perspective and remember how blessed we are to be able to work in an industry such as this when there is so much misery in the world so on we go, back to the raceplanner!  Hopefully back in action at Kelso on Thursday and Haydock on Saturday but only with a couple of runners as these fixtures aren’t structured to appeal to the majority of horses.