Close, damp and muggy today, at least the cold north westerly that has been hanging around for the last two months has gone and it feels more like summer.  An exciting time for us in the end at the Derby Sale after a slightly disappointing day on Wednesday, our filly just looked a little bit ordinary in such august company and would perhaps have sold better in a lesser sale.  With only ten horses in now I do the early morning feed, used to always do it and makes me realise how much I miss this early morning contact with the horses, would I like to keep doing it when we have 35 plus in again?  Probably, but someone else would need to be sorting out all of their work, don’t think I can manage both.

Rossini's Dancer takes his post breakfast nap.

Rossini’s Dancer takes his post breakfast nap.

Shellie comes in just after 7am and feeds the 35 horses that are out in 8 different paddocks, we are lucky in having 100 acres of well fenced free draining grass, being on the side of the hill they catch the breeze and none of them are contiguous which is good for a variety of reasons.  We feed them all through the summer, a scoop of oats morning and night and any leftovers are cleared up by the greedy cattle that co-graze the fields.  In the winter the fields are intensely grazed by sheep which creates an excellent sward each spring and sorts out any issues with ragwort as well as providing good natural fertiliser.P1040018  Anyway, enough of that (yawn), no runners at Cartmel this weekend, waiting for Perth where on day one 55 of the 131 entries come from Ireland, who would have imagined that a few years ago.  Lucy is there today to ride Unex Picasso in the 2.40, the RP comment says Lucy “does well round here”- it is a shame she is not getting more opportunities, she does ride the track particularly well and was very nearly leading rider at the track in 2012 and 2013, she is the second most winning jockey at the track riding there today and in my (unbiased!) view is riding better than ever, she is certainly at least a stone better than she was getting so many rides there a couple of years ago but racing is a very fickle sport and she needs to be riding more winners to get the show on the road which right now means I need to be training more winners – over to me then!  She is back there on Sunday to ride Stanley Bridge in the 2.10.