So, a fairly intensive week with plenty of horses doing a lot of work each day, all the varying gallops in action (though grass now on quick side), stubbles available, schooling fences and hurdles all back out and in action.  More of the same to be expected this week, this is when a lot of the ground work for the season is done, its an important time  and a farm full of sound and healthy horses each night is a key goal.  Lucy keeping her eye in with the odd ride on the flat, tomorrow at Musselburgh on Talk of Saafend in the 5.40.

Tools of the trade

Big sadness this week was the demise of our 12 year old labrador,Tarka.  Although she had the odd blemish on her cv she has been very much part of the family, dogs define phases in our lives in a funny sort of way; she will be greatly missed but was a very happy dog  up to the end.  We had a lot of fun together in the days when I did a little more shooting though she did tend to embarrass me by completely disappearing from time to time much to the bemusement of my friends and irritation of my host. We had one “Greyfriars Bobby” incident which I will always remember – she had disappeared into a thick cover whilst on a “retrieving” mission, 20 minutes later the day really had to move on so I was forced to abandon her, the shoot moved about five miles away. A  couple of  hours later it was lunch time so foregoing refreshments I sped back to look for her, I saw her from a distance sitting as in this photograph in the middle of an open field exactly where my car had been parked earlier in the day…

Tarka – sleep gently

Sunday morning spent catching up with mail,  main excitement a nondescript letter from the Clydesdale bank informing me that they have bounced my credit card DD, insufficient funds apparently,  I do use the card a lot more these days to buy stuff for the business, you might think that after 35 years banking with them they could have called me, after all the family does have various funds on deposit with the same institution, oh dear, and as their letter was dated 1oth Sept, received 15th Sept I suppose they will have helped themselves to another £35….