… don’t look back.  A massive relief to wake up this morning to realise that I can now continue to train horses in Scotland without a huge looming cloud of uncertainty. I felt surprisingly emotional as I lay in the dark listening to the final results unfold on the radio, Jim Naughtie at his best, mixed emotions though; no sense of triumph, relief as I say but an awareness that life has changed, at the end of the day 45% of my countrymen want to leave the Union and during the campaign made some good arguments for doing so even though there was always the feeling that “the Emperor had no clothes.”  What is important now is to embrace the positive ideas put forward by both sides and to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the people of Scotland actually taking an interest in their future for once.

Two songs - Standinthband named a line in the Republican song Irish Soldier Laddie and Buffalo Ballet by John Cale

Two songs – Standintheband named after a line in the Republican song Irish Soldier Laddie and Buffalo Ballet by John Cale

The intensity of the debate of the last 10 days has been invigorating and by seizing that momentum and  translating words into positive actions perhaps we can avoid any resentment and backlash.  In our own little way Horseracing has come out of it with something in that at least the Government in Scotland now recognises that it exists and plays an important part in the economy,  we need to maximise that as should all the sectors of the economy that have discovered that this Referendum has opened up dialogues that did not previously exist.  A good day for Scotland and a good day for Scottish Racing, and, finally, you will be pleased this is the last you will hear from me on the subject!