Cooler now and frost forecast tonight, about time, I feel more comfortable training in normal weather patterns.  Busy morning here with Little Glenshee, Always Tipsy, Another Mattie and Northern Acres working on the all weather and Presently Tipsy, Whybutwhy, Clan Legend, Gold Opera, Titian Boy, Spinning Away and Dutch Canyon all schooling well over hurdles.

The Orange Rogue cooling off on the grass gallops

The Orange Rogue (Corrie) cooling off on the grass gallops

Returned last night from 24 hours at Ditcheat in deepest Somerset visiting the champion Trainer, a thoroughly absorbing time looking at all their different facilities and watching 3 lots work, whizzing around in a pickup with PFN and his head lad Clifford, so much knowledge and so generous of them to share openly their thoughts on so many aspects of the job.  A lot of food for thought (and consumed!) and copious notes written on the plane home, more than anything struck by the similarities in our approach rather than the differences but lots of valuable hints taken on board re many of the minor problems we face, just need to acquire a similar team of equine talent!

Clan Chief (Kit)

Clan Chief (Kit)

Disappointing entries at the Northern NH fixtures this week, not sure why after Ayr being so well supported last week, maybe that’s the reason but some very odd race planning, there must be something wrong if I can’t find anything to run at my favourite course, Kelso, in the height of the season when I have at least a dozen horses ready to go.

4yo Robin des Pres filly, now named Jane's Fantasy (Stephen)

4yo Robin des Pres filly, now named Jane’s Fantasy (Stephen)