Well, after a warm start to the week much cooler now and forecast for the weekend uninspiring, grass growing though and plenty of horses turned away and quite a few youngsters in now for breaking.  A joy to be out on the farm now but easy to understand why my farming colleagues are feeling so brow-beaten, the weather has thrown so much at them over the past few years and the fodder situation remains desperate with cattle still having to be fed.  Farmers in Ireland are meeting the ferry in the middle of the night to ensure they can get hold of straw and it is easy to believe the story of the latecomer breaking down in tears when he realised he had missed out.  It is interesting that drainage problems are clearly disrupting the flat racing programmes at Ayr and Carlisle and drainage has been a serious pre-occupation here for the last two months.  Being a canny entrepreneur the Fife Farmer has of course diversified into the drainage business and having nearly buried his combine here last summer today was the turn of his big digger…..


Ouch, I think that’s called digging yourself into a hole!  Poor fellow was so traumatised he cancelled his afternoon on the golf course, large gin instead I suspect

Tomorrow at Wetherby Lucy rides Carmela Maria in the 2.10, we have entries at Cartmel on Saturday, Kelso on Sunday and Cartmel on Monday – not sure where we will be going yet.