At Kinneston, our principal motive is to focus on the fitness and health of the horses in our care. We believe that for them to fulfill their potential they must be in the right zone mentally and physically, this is the way we ensure an owner will receive maximum reward for their investment and time. We are fortunate
to have the facilities to allow us to do this; they are a continual work in progress with us seeking to make improvements month by month. We believe that our exceptional facilities will maximize a horse’s fitness which combined with a quietly-efficient and relaxed yard will allow horses to thrive and be at ease.
Facilities at Kinneston

Kinneston has a variety of all-weather and grass gallops, including flat ground for speed work and hills for conditioning.

In addition to the gallops Kinneston has 800 acres of farmland and forestry tracks.

There are two all-weather schools used for warming prior to working on the all-weather as well as for flatwork and jumping.

There are 25 individual boxes plus 5 barns and extensive turnout paddocks around the farm.