We were reminded of the swings and roundabouts of this sport in brutal fashion at Carlisle yesterday when Cheatingsideoftown broke his shoulder at the final flight of hurdles when disputing the lead and had to be humanely destroyed.  He was running his best race for some time and to go from potential triumph to tragedy in a split second is hard to take in.  Fran and I were with him at the end which was mercifully quick and with his old pal Bertie Milan running in the next race there was little time to dwell.

Cheatingsideoftown (Fran)

Bertie Milan ran an excellent race, just beaten into 2nd and later Little Glenshee ran a blinder to finish 5th, fitness telling on the run in, a tough day though.

Bertie Milan coming in after a brave run to finish 2nd after a year off

Today at Newcastle we run Issabella Gem in the 12.30, Lucy rides, 11 run and we are looking for a better result than last time when she pulled up.  Then we run Isla Pearl Fisher in the 1.30, Peter Buchanan rides and 8 run.  This is a big step up in class for him and the ground will probably be a bit soft but he seems very well and it will be interesting to see how he copes.  Finally we run Academy in the 2.05, 10 run and Lucy rides, this is an immensely talented horse who isn’t straightforward to train, frankly I just want him to run a nice race and them all to come home safe.  Lucy has a full book of 7 rides so I hope she comes home safe as well!

Cheatingsideoftown enjoying a post workout shower

Meanwhile, in a new development for Kinneston, the two stall lorry will be leaving home at lunchtime with Four Fiddlers on board, heading for Aintree where he runs in the 4pm tomorrow.

and at grass at Kinneston where he spent much of his life – rest gently