A crisp frosty morning but all-weather in fine condition and plenty of work on it for most of them with those having an easier time heading up for a hack in the forestry.  A splendid afternoon’s racing on the television and plenty of clues for the big Festivals coming up in the Spring, disappointing to see so few Northern trained horses featuring, even at Doncaster they were thin on the ground though James Ewart had a fine winner and Lucy won the last at Uttoxeter on Sophonie for Ferdy Murphy, notching her 20th winner of the season and her most southerly one to date.  Poor fare for a Saturday at Uttoxeter, a 0-120 hurdle for £3800 added, dismal, Sir Stanley will be turning in his grave and these people (Northern) are about to become the largest racecourse group, scary stuff, thank goodness they haven’t crept into Scotland.  Lucy is now on her way to Sedgefield for 4 rides tomorrow….    
Little Glenshee enjoys the view from the top of the gallop on a cold January morning, she should be ready to run in a couple of weeks