Cold today, very cold actually and looks like being a cold week.  New facilities reacting as expected; sand froze but was fine this morning, as I hoped carpet proved itself to be the most “all-weather” surface I have experienced and frost actually seems to help it by lifting it and reducing compaction.   Sorry, all a bit technical, one runner tomorrow at Sedgefield where the ground is good to soft, Christmas in USA in the 1.50, Kit rides and 13 run.

Christmas in USA (Crawford) last week

I was very happy with his seasonal debut at Carlisle a few weeks ago and think this track will suit him better, he’s 3lb lower for that effort and Kit who knows him well takes off a further 5lb; so I think you can tell by now that I am hoping he will be competitive.  However, many is the time I have travelled to Sedgefield full of optimism only to come home disappointed!  We will see, after that possibles for Wetherby Wednesday & Doncaster Friday before a potentially busy weekend at Newcastle and Carlisle.

Our two senior work riders, Jenny (Landecker)  and Jamie (Royal Chatelier) on a frosty morning

Surprising to see four of the five Northern Lights Finals at Carlisle on Sunday reopened due to insufficient entries; we’ve had these races in mind for a few of our horses for some time, whilst conditions certainly won’t be ideal for many of them these races represent an excellent chance for decent but not very good (100 to 125 rated) horses to run for excellent prize money – £25k per race.  I’m surprised more of my training colleagues haven’t been more alive to this series – I’m sure they will be next year!