a summer’s morning, down by our riverbank gallop, sun in the sky, a warm breeze, the only sound the skylarks and the grasses rustling in the wind, watching and waiting for the horses to appear, heads tucked down, hard on the bridle, enjoying their work.  I have to pinch myself sometimes when I realise this is my job, of course its taking time to adjust to that, in our family horses have traditionally been the hobby, slightly frowned upon when they are taking up too much time, but times have changed certainly now.

King Brex (Kit) on the riverbank, neighbour's irrigator in the background

King Brex (Kit) on the riverbank, neighbour’s irrigator in the background

Anyway enough of horses, two people have grabbed my attention this weekend, Mick Jagger at Glastonbury – wow – what was he on?  Whatever it was I wouldn’t mind some, so much energy and showing refreshing humility in his interview with Radio Four, recognizing the triviality of his trade,  after pondering the same myself my conclusion is that this really must apply to all but the most egotistical and I was entertained to read Bill Clinton’s quote that “being President is like running a cemetery; you’ve a lot of people underneath you but nobody’s listening.”  Obama has humility but does Salmond?  As a “turfiste” and being generally gregarious and witty I have reluctantly tended to have a bit of a soft spot for him but his opportunistic jibes at Muirfield’s men only member’s policy does wind me up. I am sure there will be lots more of this over the next two weeks but to imply that a Club believes people not entitled to become members are  second class citizens is simply absurd.

Academy (Lucy) - an intended runner at Perth on Thursday

Academy (Lucy) – an intended runner at Perth on Thursday