Cheatingsideoftown being washed down by Lucy

Ah, a wonderful closing ceremony to London 2012, slightly dodgy start but great when it warmed up and so much passion, delighted to have witnessed it but sad that it is over, let’s hope the legacy materializes.  Tonight the show moves on to Flushing Meadow where Andy has another chance to win a Grand Slam, he will do one day, come on Andy!

New recruit Milano Magic (Gemma)

Not sure Scotland’s performance against Serbia on Saturday was worthy of being included in the great sporting summer, our football mad younger son Johnny could not have been less interested in the result, something wrong there.  Bitter sweet also taking younger daughter Clare off to start University yesterday, only 17, looking forward to it and hopefully lots of fun ahead but makes me feel old, and a little bit jealous.

More of the same here, getting there slowly, another two weeks of concentrated graft and we will be able to think about having some runners, weather not great but as ever heartened by the forecast, I can normally find one I like if I look at enough!  Lucy off to Redcar tomorrow where she rides MaybeIwont in the 5pm and Mujadeel in the 5.30, seems to be booked to ride at Bath on Saturday – that might stretch the satnav!