A sublimely beautiful spring morning, a hint of warmth at last and birdsong filling the air but still dry, very dry indeed and that’s certainly the talk of the farming community.

Rossini’s Dancer prior to his 86th race which produced his 17th win… legend.

Rather splendid that our last two runners of the 2016/17 season, Allthekingshorses and Rossini’s Dancer, both won at our local point-to-point at Balcormo; the ground had been very well watered to produce an excellent racing surface and a huge crowd had gathered to enjoy the racing and an increasing variety of stalls selling local products along with an excellent range of food and drink.

Allthekingshorses on  his way out with Jamie & Crawford

It really is far and away the best point-to-point staged in the North from many perspectives and they deserve to attract more runners – best prize money, best going, best food and drink, best stalls and biggest crowd, here you can read a more detailed report on the racing from Peter Burgon.  This video also gives a good flavour of the day.

On Sunday we had a relaxed party for the team and the jockeys which featured the excellent Screaming Peacock gourmet burger van.

So that ends the 2016/17 Season and the new one is already well under way, rather sudden and not for us thankfully as we won’t have any runners until next weekend at the earliest though I doubt we will run anything until the weather changes.  Plenty of horses here now being turned away for the summer and as ever rather a narrow window in which to carry out improvements and refurbishments as well as of course source some new equine talent, lots of opportunities to do that looming and we will be in France next week, then at Doncaster & Cheltenham sales later in the month prior to a trip to Ireland so do contact me if you fancy an involvement for next season when we will start to see the benefits of the new Levy & media rights deals; fingers crossed we ought to be looking at a very different landscape prize money wise by the end of the year.