Hardy folk, those of us that love our NH racing and we have needed to be hardy to deal with what the weather has thrown at us over the last few days.  It’s part of what makes the sport so special, the same faces popping up all over the country, from the North, from the South, from Wales, from the West Country, from Ireland – a shared camaraderie born out of a peculiar addiction that has fascinated mankind for centuries, horses, and racing them against each other.


And I know I repeat myself but I love the unswerving commitment shown by the team at Kinneston, we are a small group and to have horses turn up looking immaculate day in day out all over the country is a real achievement in itself, and to return on a late from Carlisle on a cold dark sleety Sunday evening and find an immaculate yard with well rugged and content looking horses caps it all.  Well, almost, we could have done with a winner of course from our travels this week but it was not to be; our best chance, Lake View Lad, taking a heavy fall today on his hurdling debut – touch wood he seems OK this evening, as does Stephen, another day for them with any luck.  I spared Little Glenshee and The Bishop from a slog in the mud at Carlisle, they will hopefully be out elsewhere in the next week, yesterday the highlight at Newcastle was a huge run from The Orange Rogue putting up a career best to just go down by half a length.

"The Rogue"

“The Rogue”

A good run also from Benny’s Secret to finish 4th in a decent novice hurdle, jumping much better this time, but a flat run from Frankie’s Promise – his preparation hadn’t been ideal so hopefully he will put this behind him next time and at least he jumped round.  Disappointed also by Calivigny, perhaps a third run in a month was pushing it a bit and giving weight to a field like that was always going to be a very tough ask.  As for Afterclass, I don’t know what to say really, anyone looking for a good schoolmaster point-to-pointer? He’ll win again in that sphere but not sure he will do the business under rules.  A quieter few days now then hopefully busy at the end of the week, possibly at Sedgefield on Friday (oh no, not there again) or Wetherby on Saturday and hope to have a big team at Kelso on Sunday – love that place, why don’t they race there more often?

Alistair Cochrane had heard that the winds were going to be dangerous and the weather extreme at Carlisle today

Alistair Cochrane had heard that the winds were going to be dangerous and the weather extreme at Carlisle today…