Cold, crisp and bright this morning and glorious for training horses, sometimes I have to pinch myself as to how lucky I am to spend my life out there despite another frustrating fourth at Newcastle yesterday.  Jet Master needs a patient ride and played late, when it works it looks brilliant when it doesn’t it doesn’t!

First lot heading out onto the carpet this morning

I think we were all surprised by the turn of foot he showed after the second last making up about 10 lengths to finish a never nearer 3l behind the winner.  Another day for him I hope, and another day’s lost earnings for Lucy after her “UR” at Hexham last week.  “UR” the somewhat innocuous description leaving the impression that the jockey fell off and ought to have suffered little further injury.  John Grossick’s team captured an excellent sequence of photos of the incident at Hexham and with Lucy’s permission I am sharing them with you.  I don’t do that lightly but feel it is worth trying to give the racing public an insight as to how falls happen and the possible perils facing those brave jockeys face every time they leave the weighing room for our entertainment.  Bear in mind that this takes place at the first hurdle in a maximum field of 16 runners, the time elapsed between the first and last frame is less than  a second and the horse decelerates from approx 35mph to zero within that time….

Having been an unusually long run to the first hurdle the horse meets it wrong and takes off too early thereby landing on and crashing through the hurdle

It’s head therefore comes right down at the same time as it decelerates, Lucy has slipped her reins but the momentum still carries her forward

The horse then loses it’s hind legs

Lucy is still travelling forwards up the horses neck

And ends up in front of the horse as it gets up

the only place she can end up is in the horses front legs being kicked

And then the following horse cannot avoid her

Kicking her with its front legs

And then one with its hind legs. I think a mild concussion & bruising after a “UR” like this isn’t too bad a result.

Enjoy the wonderful jump racing on television this afternoon from Cheltenham but don’t forget the jockeys, some will come home tonight on top of the world, others bruised and battered; our next runners are scheduled for Hexham on Wednesday….