The wonderful weather holds and the forecast is set fair, a busy if slightly chaotic week so far but all settled now and I hope to be able to spend some time over the next few days in East Lothian watching the greatest golfers in the world and catching up with old friends.  I trust the golf will take over now and the absurd debate regarding the Club rules will subside (I received an email yesterday reminding me not to wear shorts in the Club House, quite right, lots of old wrinkly white knees are hardly going to enhance the Pimms but will this spark a civil liberty debate?).  Anyway, hugely looking forward to it but a quick update regarding where we are here – we have 31 horses “in” – of these three are in recuperation mode, Buffalo Ballet and Isla Pearl Fisher on the walker, Elmaatigra being led out in hand.  The other 28 are at various stages of training, 25 just at the early stage.  Of the 28 fifteen are living out at night and twelve going out to the fields in the day, one is just a bit too tubby to see any grass at all, they are all either on the walker or trotting or slow steady cantering,  without exception they are looking well, eating well and appear particularly relaxed and at ease – a few more still to come in but all in all great raw material to have for the coming season, exciting, almost starting to lose sleep already!  Gallop is being relaid and eight new stables manufactured. No racing for us until the next Perth fixture but Lucy will hopefully be busy at Cartmel on Saturday and Monday, meantime, continue to enjoy the great summer of sport, I will…  PS just two places remaining in the “dip the toe in syndicate” and now you can name the horse – more details here – closes Monday whatever – promise I won’t mention it again!