Such is the absurd little bubble in which I live that it is only when I jump into the car at 11am to drive into Edinburgh that I realise that I am unaware of of the result of the General Election, aside from picking up the gist of it on the radio very early this morning it has escaped me.  Up to speed now of course after a couple of hours in the car and am reminded that the phrase “may you live in interesting times” is a Chinese curse not a blessing.  Indeed.  A day of high political drama if ever there was one, actually, I am very optimistic, let’s hope I am correct.  Then driving home the two minutes silence at 3pm to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day, slightly odd because I find myself turning up the volume on the radio to listen to the silence, I feel I ought to pull over onto the hard shoulder and stop, can’t do that; very moving actually and an important reminder of the value of political stability.  It’s strange but as I get older I find the 2nd World War feels closer in history, when I was young it was always something in the past that people talked about but now I realise it only ended 16 years before I was born, 70 years is nothing by the time you are 53.

Dutch Canyon

Dutch Canyon

I digress of course, you may have guessed by now that Kelso on Wednesday was not one of our finest days, the only good decision I took was to withdraw McGinty’s Dream, the course had taken the rain a bit too well for me to want to run him so he will now have a summer at grass, a horse to look forward to.  The race came a little soon for Dutch Canyon, he ran well enough to be 6th of 12 but hadn’t had the chance to improve as I had hoped, he will do so next season with any luck and is a nicely handicapped prospect.  We ran the wrong horse in the Hunter Chase, Master Butcher would have had a much better chance and one of Afterclass’s little niggles came to the fore causing him to pull up, at least I have a more definitive idea of what is causing his under performance, further investigation will tell me how easy or not it will be to sort out.  Then we realised there was going to be no pace in Benny Secret’s bumper, as he’s such a strong traveller I thought we ought to make the running, wrong again, he set the race up for the others and was outpaced in the home straight though still ran well enough to finish 5th beaten less than 10l under top weight and those in front of him all look pretty decent.

Benny's Secret (right) interestingly he earned a higher "RPR" for his 5th here under a penalty than when he won at Ayr.

Benny’s Secret (right) interestingly he earned a higher “RPR” for his 5th here under a penalty than when he won at Ayr.

So that was that, a chance to make amends with plenty of  runners at Perth next week I hope, in the meantime off to deepest Cumbria tomorrow, the Aspatria point-to-point, Master Butcher and Rossini’s Dancer travelling down, will see what the ground is like….. and maybe even a runner on the flat at Musselburgh on Monday, will be seeing what the ground is like there as well, have a nice weekend.