7.30am Sunday morning and here I am back at my desk, been up for a while, fed 38 horses, done the sheet for the day and about to start a brief report on all the horses to the owners, mostly by email, a few by phone, text and fax (one by post!).  Helps me focus on where we are with all of the horses and  I make many of the plans at this stage so constant referral to our in-house race-planner.  I enjoy this Sunday morning routine, especially if I have had a relatively quiet Saturday,  it can be a little daunting if I am tired but hopefully by mid-morning quite a few people will have had the benefit of my thoughts.  Mrs A sometimes helps me with feeds but I like to see and think about each of the horses as I go round,  not a crumb left anywhere today apart from a couple of handfuls in Ceilidh’s bowl, still a bit stirred up by her trip to Haydock, all the others bright, alert and hungry, including most importantly the one who had a mild colic last night.  So there we go, funny old life, better crack on with those emails…..

The view through The Paddy Premium(retd)'s ears when out for a hack with Clare last week

The view through The Paddy Premium(retd)’s ears when out for a hack with Clare last week