A cool 10 degrees on the gallops on Saturday morning, breezy and a decent dollop of overnight rain but nothing extreme unlike Redcar,  55mm Friday, ouch, going now heavy.  Watched first lot, hopefully organised 2nd and 3rd lots then quick transfer to playing fields of Edinburgh, rugby season, that time of year again, the touchline, good fun, I will miss it when its over but its frightening how much animosity I find myself feeling for the opposition supporters!  Back home at lunchtime, the morning appears to have gone smoothly and I catch up with the goings on via all the riders’ comments, 22 horses now at the full work stage.  Sadly no runners at Perth tomorrow, despite 12mm of rain not soft enough for Makhzoon, The Paddy Premium is wrong at the weights and Macgregors Ace has suffered a setback, Lucy going to give it a miss as well, not quite 100% yet.  Forecast fair for the week so no fast work on the grass yet but they are doing plenty on the all-weather and should come to hand quickly when conditions are suitable (and there are some fixtures which there aren’t really in September which is a bit silly).F13_9377_xlarge