A busy and productive 72 hours in Ireland,  plenty of nice horses seen and I love talking to the horsemen over there, so much knowledge; time for some R&R and to enjoy wonderful Irish hospitality most particularly courtesy of Rathsallagh (where my Doncaster catalogue still resides I am afraid, a goldmine of useful information for someone!), then the truly exceptional Cliff House (sorry Martin Wishart but you have just been usurped in the favourite restaurant stakes and finally dinner with the delightful Bobby and Angela McCarthy in Ahernes in Youghal.  A great fun trip but definitely returning closer to “heavyweight” than “middleweight” as referred to in today’s Racing Post, hope Mrs A doesn’t put me on a diet….Lucy-RP-coverimage-12May13

A highly perceptive article on Lucy by Brough Scott, we were all a little nervous about it but no need, it was a privilege to work with such a talented journalist – you can read it here –  RP Sunday – Lucy Alexander

Busy week looming with Doncaster sales and Perth races, hence Sunday evening in the office!