Hexham, Lauderdale, Landward and Sales

A bizarre week’s weather of frost, wind and snow, not unheard of at this time of year but thankfully seems to have settled down now and a glorious morning today when we worked 27 horses, some pics below.  Our three runners at Hexham this evening had only been declared in the hope of proper soft ground […]

30 April 2016|

Balcormo, Jamie, Perth & the season’s stats etc

Ridiculously cold today, snow showers driven in on a strong northerly wind; on the chilly side at Balcormo on Saturday for our local point-to-point where we were delighted to end the season in style with a first double for our Corinthian amateur “Uncle Jamie”.

In a season in which we have enjoyed many memorable doubles this […]

25 April 2016|

Perth, PB and Balcormo

Much cooler today and a cold spell awaits.  A very mixed day at Perth yesterday;  after initial delight at Celestino finally showing some form to finish 3rd of 18 we had Landecker shy at the tapes and take no part and Rossini’s Dancer fall three out when holding every chance and coming back lame on […]

22 April 2016|

Another day at Perth

A wonderful day yesterday to open Perth’s Festival and 2016 season and it looks like more of the same today.

An OK sort of day for us yesterday, Presenting Rose ran and jumped well but was eased after the last to finish 6th, Stephen had felt something was amiss and she came in with a nasty […]

21 April 2016|

Hexham then Perth

Stunning weather today, brilliant blue sky and it definitely feels like summer is on it’s way.  A lovely drive to Hexham yesterday through the rolling Borders & Northumbrian countryside slowly emerging from the winter.  The Bishop didn’t think much of it though and never really picked up the bit, he was subject to a most […]

19 April 2016|

Ayr, Hexham & yes, it’s Perth time!

Cold again this morning, dry though and a cool sort of week forecast, no rain about so conditions will be drying fast.  Glory be I must have put the wrong hat on at Ayr on Friday; the rain failed to materialise and all of our runners failed to perform.  I knew most needed rain but I still expected […]

17 April 2016|

Ayr tomorrow

A better sort of day today but surprised by how soft the ground was when we schooled Lake View Lad, Bertie Milan, Frankie’s Promise and McGinty’s Dream over fences this morning – the 5th candidate Buffalo Ballet proving somewhat recalcitrant!  So the unseasonal weather looks like producing a rarity in soft ground for the Sottish Grand […]

14 April 2016|

Kelso and thinking about Ayr

Cold and grey this morning, raining now and wind looks stuck in the East for at least the next week, still a slow spring then.  Too much drama at Kelso yesterday with Lucy taking a brutal fall on Road to Gold on her comeback ride, the last thing she needed and absolutely typical that having […]

12 April 2016|

Morpeth, Kelso, Lucy and Aintree

A strong cold East wind this morning but bright and sunny.  A challenging sort of day yesterday at the Morpeth point-to-point, driving to the races expecting all three of our runners to win always induces an increasing feeling of trepidation as I realise that is a most unlikely outcome and thoughts of what will go wrong […]

11 April 2016|

National Day

Cool still and whilst bright and sunny this morning it has been a wet week so the ground is saturated, a busy morning on the yard and the horses seem very well.  Hard to believe but fortune continued to favour us yesterday with another double at Newcastle including our shortest priced ever winner – 1-14 […]

9 April 2016|