At last

A fine weekend and a good settled week forecast and as if by magic TFF arrived with his squad and hoovered up the oats, straight off to the Quaker Oats Factory to be turned into “Oatsosimple”- the power of the blog – must be a coincidence, surely he’s far too busy to read this….

A little barley […]

28 September 2015|

Adios Sam

A fine autumn day, cool and bright and it is set fair for the next week so hopefully The Fife Farmer will drag his troops up here and sort the place out before it starts snowing.

Perth finished and the melancholy call of the migrating geese high in the sky reminds us of the time of […]

25 September 2015|

Sam’s last Perth meeting & Bertie bounces back.

A big day today, Sam, forever the consummate entertainer, has a great lineup of racing and celebration at Perth today as he stands down after 27 years managing the racecourse.  It is sure to be a day heavily tinged with emotion but more a day to celebrate with the many friends and colleagues that will […]

24 September 2015|

Perth runners

I had a particularly sweet moment on Sunday morning at about 11.20am, I had just finishing briefing the team re our Owners’ Parade and had absolute confidence that they would parade 38 immaculate looking horses in “racecard” order, the caterers “Lazy Sunday” were bustling around and as I stood shaving I could hear the surprise entertainment […]

22 September 2015|

Friday news…

So, another week flies by, no runners sadly, “good to firm” just not my thing, illogical perhaps but there we go.  Not a bad week weather-wise, harvest started, yes, that’s “started”, and tatties being lifted, good progress with the horses and now at the stage of holding back on a few of them a little […]

18 September 2015|

A weekend of intrigue

A fine week of lovely autumn weather but a grim little morning today, cold & wet with a strong easterly wind, yuk, a sign of things to come and hopefully calmed down before I tackle the links in East Lothian this afternoon.  With any luck back in the car to listen to the big race […]

12 September 2015|

And back to Perth again…

Damp, misty and cool this morning but a glorious warm late summer’s day at Perth yesterday where the baking sun unfortunately led to the withdrawal of Marlee Massie.

We have two declared runners back up there for this evening’s twilight meeting but it is most likely that Andhaar in the 7.40 will be staying at home.

That […]

8 September 2015|


A glorious day and more to come, an Indian summer perhaps, badly needed from a farming perspective but less ideal racing wise and I will walk the track at lunchtime to decide whether Marlee Massie lines up in the 4.40 at Perth tomorrow afternoon; six are declared and Lucy rides. He ran very well in defeat […]

6 September 2015|

Sales, Newcastle & Dr Massini

A fair week, cool but conditions now actually quite dry with the ground firming up here and at Perth where they are watering for next week’s meeting.  A progressive week with the horses all going well, fourteen more doing their first proper piece of work tomorrow so that will tell us much more about where we […]

4 September 2015|