Close, damp and muggy today, at least the cold north westerly that has been hanging around for the last two months has gone and it feels more like summer.  An exciting time for us in the end at the Derby Sale after a slightly disappointing day on Wednesday, our filly just looked a little bit […]

26 June 2015|

The Derby Sale

A glorious 48 hours on the links at Royal Portrush only slightly spoilt by the antics of Presently Tipsy at Hexham on Sunday; this horse has plenty of ability but let’s her temperament get the better of her and won’t apply herself on the track, we will give her a nice long break now.

So today is […]

24 June 2015|

Ascot to Hexham

A wonderful week of high class flat racing at Ascot this week and another day to go, great stuff and tremendous to see the international interest in our country’s racing, Mrs A and I had a particularly spoiling 24 hours there earlier in the week.  A quiet week here on the horse front but full […]

19 June 2015|

Hey Ho

A glorious week weather wise but an air of sadness here after taking the decision to put Harrietfield down.  Rightly regarded as the matriarch of Kinneston (equine of course) she had been here for 23 years and her nine progeny have formed a major part of our lives.

In many respects she represented the last tangible […]

12 June 2015|

Baa baa

Booomph!  Eventually summer arrives with a bang and nature bursts into life, a finer day I cannot remember and the horses are blooming with the sun on their back and their heads down munching.  Apologies for the interruption in service but the website has been “down” for the last 48 hours, up and running again […]

10 June 2015|

Perth Gold Cup Day (not to forget the Derby)

So after enjoying 72 hours of 30 degrees and cloudless skies we return to 50mph winds, heavy showers and reports on the news that it is 2 degrees on the top of the Pennines.  Lovely.  At least it will be stopping the ground drying out too much up at Perth where they have an excellent […]

6 June 2015|