Tuesday update and Kelso plans

Exceptionally mild, a lovely quiet warm autumn day and 33 horses working hard this morning in preparation for their racing season which should start in the next few weeks.  Split between the all-weather and the natural sand riverbank gallop they appear in good heart and I see that the weather is due to break at […]

30 September 2014|

Adios Perth!

A lovely warm breezy autumn morning, a rare and appreciated chance to take horses to Perth racecourse for a gallop;  El Fontan, Spinning Away, Ceilidh, Presently Tipsy and Clan Legend all went well and should be on the track next month.  A splendid two days’ racing to end Perth’s season and our only runner Rossini’s […]

26 September 2014|

Perth thoughts

Rain overnight and a perfect autumn morning, lots of horses working hard and two declared runners at Perth tomorrow where I expect the going to be on the soft side of good and Lucy rides both.

Firstly Rossini’s Dancer in the 4.30, 8 run, a good prize for this Betfair Series final and it has attracted […]

24 September 2014|

Quiet weather, mild and settled, great for farming, great for training horses but would be nice to think we will get a wet spell soon so that we can have a few more runners as lots of them are nearly there.  Lots cantering today on the all-weather and the riverbank, harder work for them tomorrow […]

23 September 2014|

Go forward now…

… don’t look back.  A massive relief to wake up this morning to realise that I can now continue to train horses in Scotland without a huge looming cloud of uncertainty. I felt surprisingly emotional as I lay in the dark listening to the final results unfold on the radio, Jim Naughtie at his best, […]

19 September 2014|

Historic Thursday

Damp, misty & mild today- dreich as they say, auspicious weather for such a historic day.  Schooling here and Another Mattie, Ceilidh, Landecker, Bracing, El Fontan, Clan Chief and Jet Master all acquitted themselves well.

A fine run from Always Tipsy at Kelso last night, he was a little too keen for his own good so […]

18 September 2014|


Mild today, a bit close but overcast, a work morning for most of the horses and the first dozen have all pleased on the all-weather, most especially perhaps Ceilidh, Presently Tipsy and Bracing – 3 young mares that appear to be improving.  A busy week in every way for Scotland and on the racing front […]

17 September 2014|

Perfect Sunday

Cooler today and the sun took longer to emerge, some light rain forecast which is no bad thing.  A thoroughly entertaining evening yesterday at the Northern Area Point-to-Point Awards Dinner so a quiet Sunday morning on the tractor and in the office, a late lunch with the family then an afternoon watching top class racing […]

14 September 2014|

Another Fine Day

at the end of a glorious early autumn week, and great to pull all the horses back together this morning and work about 30 of them on the all-weather; they seem in a very good place at the moment, some faster work on grass and schooling as and when the rain arrives and they should […]

13 September 2014|

Mellow Morning

A perfect autumnal morning, cool, misty, still, sun coming through slowly and looks like another glorious day in prospect.

And a lovely early evening meeting at Perth yesterday, quiet but warm and sunny with a friendly atmosphere and our two runners acquitted themselves well with Rossini’s Dancer  appearing to enjoy himself back over hurdles and finishing […]

10 September 2014|