Weekend update

Another productive week, horses working hard, some being rather stubborn about losing weight but all looking well and, err, eating very well, will just keep working away and let them come to themselves over the next 6-8 weeks.  Some new arrivals, lots of visitors, a flying midweek visit to play in the Campbell Gillies Golf […]

30 August 2014|

The last chance

For once a useful purpose for this blog – early next week the Board of the BHA are meeting to decide whether to bow to the will of Arena (ARC) and allocate them a heap of AW fixtures in order that they can rip up the wonderful old turf at Newcastle and replace it with […]

29 August 2014|

Doom and gloom…

.. my reaction to this morning’s headline in the Racing Post stating that there will be a sharp increase in AW fixtures in 2015.  Hard to comprehend given poor support of existing fixtures and almost unanimous opposition across the industry.  This fundamental conflict of interest between horsemen and the commercial racecourse operators is at the heart […]

8 August 2014|

Rain back

Rain  today, quite gentle and welcome, nearly all the horses together in the school and on the AW, riding 30 now,  I enjoyed having them in one place and being able to compare and contrast rather than dashing around the farm trying to catch up with different horses doing different things, trying to see everything […]

6 August 2014|

Still summer

A lovely summer’s morning, feeling more late summer than high summer but a fine morning for some routine training for the horses and a good day to have the camera out….

5 August 2014|

To continue…

…on a theme; a record 107,000 turned up in Baltimore USA to watch a friendly between Real Madrid and Manchester United on Saturday evening, over at Hamilton Park the rain lashed down but it didn’t stop a few thousand Glaswegians enjoy their Ladies night and create their own electric atmosphere, then last night the closing Ceremony at […]

4 August 2014|


Well, the week certainly isn’t disappointing so far and I am still buzzing after a wonderful and enthralling evening at Hampden last night watching the stars of track and field.  The enthusiastic crowd seemed to cheer all night long as one highlight after another unveiled itself, a fantastically brave run by Emily Dudgeon to finish 4th in […]

1 August 2014|